Jill Alo Contemporary fine art: figurative paintings, drawings, collages and fine art prints
Commissions accepted, including portraits; references available.

Jill Alo


One of my favorite things is to make something from nothing, starting with an idea. Ideas come from everywhere-- I read a lot and pay attention to current events. My imagination works in terms of stories and metaphors. The constant elements in my images are humor and the mystery that lies at the center of everything.  I also hope to add to the viewer’s experience and feeling of connection to the world.

MEDIA oil on canvas, paper or panels, lithography, drawing, collage.


Studio2 Gallery, Austin TX until 2011;

Guadalupe Arts Center, Austin TX: 2003-Jan.2005 

Artspan.com: 2005—present

HometownArtGallery.com: 2005--2009;

Saatchi Online Gallery: 2007--present.

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