Jill Alo Contemporary fine art: figurative paintings, drawings, collages and fine art prints
Commissions accepted, including portraits; references available.

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Andy (Warhol) Giving all her secrets away I am restless Knowledge is a sweet dream Some people can stay in the same place and vanish
Printmaking-Etchings-Andy (Warhol)
Andy (Warhol)
This solar plate etching was made in honor of one of my favorite Artists, since Art school. His irreverence was a helpful contrast to our fears of not being talented enough. Andy took lots of photos of other people and himself---this one was later in his life, and the collage elements just about added themselves, it was an effortless composition. Last year 'Andy' appeared as a large banner in downtown Georgetown, Texas for their October Arts month festival. Andy would have liked that.
Andy (Warhol)
10" H x 8" W
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